The Bond of Courage

This is a brief story about a special bond between one of my readers, the Feline Zen Master himself, and me —

Today I completed the final installment of Twelve Lessons from Choosing to Be for the September issue of Wisdom Magazine.

This is the end of a very poignant journey. A year ago I took on the task of condensing each of the chapters of my book into a monthly article for Wisdom Magazine — writing in the voice of Poohbear Degoonacoon, the Feline Zen Master, rather than my own voice as the narrator in the book. My PR person thought that this was an interesting angle, and Wisdom Magazine agreed.

I remember being struck dumb that first month, having no idea how to do what I had agreed to do. I decided to call one of my readers, who had shared with me that my story and most importantly, the Feline Zen Master himself, had made her decide not to kill herself after all. I called to tell her that I was scared, that I couldn’t do this.

In one of the most beautiful conversations I have ever had, she reminded me of some of Poohbear Degoonacoon’s lessons, having now become a teacher of them herself. I learned how important it was to push past my fear, to once again find Poohbear’s voice inside me. I struggled with several drafts, and Gini responded with her comments, urging me on until Pooh’s voice was finally just right.

I must admit I am getting a little teary as I write this, knowing how much I owe to the Feline Zen Master for helping me save my own life and Gini’s life, and to Gini for passing back to me the courage she gained from what I wrote.

Choosing to Be was picked up by Findhorn Press in Scotland last year. It is doing very well in England, and is now being published in Chinese and Dutch — so the magic of the story lives on to provide entertainment, teach people about meditation, and perhaps to save a few more lives…

(Here is the link for Lesson Eleven.)

I will post the link to Lesson Twelve on September 1st.


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