“Choosing To Be is a rare and wonderful combination of compelling narrative, endearing characters, and accessible, solid meditation instruction, all with a light, humorous touch. Kat Tansey makes it easy to willingly suspend disbelief and learn along with her from the teachings of her resident feline meditation master. A thoroughly enjoyable and “enlightening” read!”

~Abby Seixas, Finding the Deep River Within

“I am so delighted to read a book that has poise, humor, delicious visuals, and that deals directly with important matters. There are plenty of books on meditation out there, but none are as humane and precise as this one. Kat Tansey shows us just how a meditation practice can be troublesome and how we can work to turn those obstacles around. I know of no other book that does this and certainly none has her tact and insight.”

~Allan Hunter, Princes, Frogs and Ugly Sisters: The Healing Power of the Grimm Brothers’ Tales

“Kat Tansey guides us in a meditation on the cat, tapping into ancient systems of attention that calm both the spirit and the flesh. Like a great cat, Choosing to Be is a delight, a revelation, and a joy to curl up with.”

~Meg Daley Olmert, Made For Each Other, The Biology of the Human-Animal Bond

“I found Choosing to Be one of the better books on Zen or sitting practice. It’s great – a wonderful book on meditation practice and our relationship with cats.”

~Thom Hartmann, radio show host and New York Times bestselling author of 21 books in print

“Choosing to Be is destined to affect millions of lives. This captivating and surprising story illuminates a surprising, yet simple pathway from inner turmoil to inner peace. Kat Tansey is every bit a wise as her eclectic team of Buddha masters.”

~Mary E. Allen, The Power of Inner Choice

“Kat Tansey has crafted a book sure to be adored by all cat lovers. But even more importantly, this book is a must read for all caught up in a world spinning way too fast.”

~Dave Carpenter, Peak Performance Show

“We could all live more joyful lives if we learn the lessons in Choosing to Be.”

~Aurora Winter, From Heartbreak to Happiness

“Kat discovers and uses Buddhist meditation to free herself from the bonds of depression.”

~Howard Eaton, The Mystic

“Cats, meditation, and the quest for inner peace—what could be better! Choosing to Be is an intriguing guide to Buddhist meditation and philosophy, with a special twist. Read it and be inspired.”

~Carol Kline, Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul