Interview on the Dr Pat Show as part of a 9-11-11 three-day event
It turned out Dr. Pat Baccili and I have a lot in common, and we opened up about the fear of not knowing, shame, overcoming chronic illness, and much more. Quite a remarkable conversation.

The ROI of Being Present, interview on Voice of America’s Real Recognition Radio
This interview with S Max Brown and Roy Saunderson brings the Feline Zen Master into the business arena.  We explore the case for how meditation and “being present” can help employees and their leaders achieve business goals in ways that businesses may not have considered.

VividLife Radio, Life with Direction, hosted by Sharon Quirt
This is an amazing interview. Sharon has a way of drawing you out, and helping you see more in what you said — a rare quality.

Interview with Dave Graham, 88.5 The Beach Radio, British Columbia, Canada
Dave and I had a very “enlightening” conversation about meditation, coming to the conclusion that practicing meditation is a lot like playing golf. This is a 16 minute interview that I think you will thoroughly enjoy.

Interview with Janet Roper on Talk2TheAnimals
It was such fun talking with Janet Roper about Choosing to Be. Her insights into animal communication revealed to me yet another aspect of the power of listening to our animals. And  I really enjoyed being able to read a piece from the chapter on Watching the Water, because both Poohbear and Catzenbear are in it.

Interview with CJ Carl on Metamystic Radio, Las Vegas, NV
I had an amazing interview with CJ Carl of, who has been a studying, practicing Metaphysician for 40 years. He is also a speaker, a consultant and the publisher of The MetaMystic Magazine.  CJ’s questions and insights about Choosing to Be created a stimulating and thoughtful dialogue during our hour-long discussion. I think you will enjoy listening to this!