Five Helpful Steps to Becoming a Meditator

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Like most meditators, I faced many obstacles in establishing a regular meditation practice. I wrote Choosing to Be to help break down the mystique of Buddhist meditation and make it accessible to everyone.

I’ve created this free e-book to take this mission one step further by identifying the obstacles to establishing a regular meditation practice and providing steps to overcome them.

I think you will enjoy learning about how you can succeed in establishing a regular meditation practice. This is practical information you won’t get anywhere else! It’s short, with pictures, stories, and a bit of humor. Not dry and boring, I promise!

And if you haven’t read Choosing to Be yet, you can download the first two chapters by clicking on that option in the upper right corner of this page.

Choosing To Be is a rare and wonderful combination
of compelling narrative, endearing characters, and
accessible, solid meditation instruction, all with a light,
humorous touch. Kat Tansey makes it easy to willingly
suspend disbelief and learn along with her from the
teachings of her resident feline meditation master.
A thoroughly enjoyable and “enlightening” read!

…………~Abby Seixas, Finding the Deep River Within