“I found Choosing to Be one of the better books
on Zen or sitting practice.”
~Thom Hartmann, radio show host
and New York Times bestselling author

“Kat Tansey talks about her journey from suicidal depression
to enlightenment. She didn’t get there through retail therapy,
extra marital affairs, popping out extra babies
or moving halfway across the world.
She got there by – are you ready for this – sitting still.”
~Andrea Frazer, Good Housekeeping


“Reading this book casts a delightful spell as we journey with the author from inner turmoil to inner peace.”
~New Consciousness Review

“Choosing to Be is a short, original, comfortingly readable
introduction to the Buddhist path, a way of living that places the
primary responsibility for  our happiness into
our own paws, er…hands.”
~John Calabrese, Creations Magazine

“Like a great cat, Choosing to Be is a delight, a revelation,
and a joy to curl up with.”
~Meg Daley Olmert, Made for Each Other

“Kat Tansey has written an absorbing memoir with the flair of a
fiction writer, which draws you effortlessly through her story and
makes the learning seem incidental — until you reach the end
and realise that the tale of a woman, a cat and a kitten has
reminded you there is a better way to live, and how to do it.”
-Lucy McCarraher, The Real Secret

“We could all live more joyful lives if we learned
the lessons in Choosing to Be.”
~Aurora Winter, From Heartbreak to Happiness